Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vatican "admonishes" CFC part 2

Since Abs-cbnnews appeared with its controversial news item on the supposed Vatican "admonishment" of CFC, two related news item comes out. One, from inquirer which takes a different view, and two, from another Inquirer news item which explores the side of Tony Meloto. As a further update date to a previous post, here is the letter from Stanislaw Rylko of Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Laity addressed to Joe Tale, CFC IC head. It is posted in the abs-cbnnews website here, and is the supposed source of the news item posted by an abs-cbnnews reporter online which puts the CFC in an unfavorable light. Note that this reproduction looks like a digitally scanned copy of a xerox copy of an original copy. So it is blurred but readable. Notice the highlights on the xerox copy, for apparently obvious reasons...

(for more readability, unless they have pulled it out, you could probably download it directly here)

Some questions:

1. Is the above letter authentic?

2. It is addressed to Joe Tale and appears to be a confidential and private communique. So how
come ABS-CBNnews got a copy? Who else does?

3. Read the abs-cbn news posting here again and try to match it against this letter from the
Vatican, which the abs-cbnnews item referred to in bits and pieces of quotations. Judge for yourself. Is the story item a deliberately slanted spin or not? Related question: does the sun rise in the east or the west?

4. If the answer to question three above is yes, then why??? Why indeed?

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