Monday, April 7, 2008

Recognizing Jesus on the road to Emmaus

The gospel for the third Sunday of Easter is about the celebrated account of the disciples of Emmaus ( Luke 24:13-35).

After His death, two disciples of Christ leave Jerusalem dejectedly and set out for a nearby village called Emmaus. Jesus joins them somewhere along their journey, walks and talks with them about the scriptures, but the disciples did not recognize Jesus.

The disciples did not recognize Jesus.

This incident is very startling. As the two were disciples, it is a fair assessment that the two spent a great deal of time listening and communing with Jesus before His passion and death. They should be very familiar with Jesus countenance and voice, but they did not recognize Him. The two disciples were too much filled with their own thoughts of dejection – “their faces were downcast “…“we hoped he would redeem Israel” - that they failed to recognize Jesus.

It was only later near the village when Jesus accepted their invitation into their house, and Jesus broke bread with them, that they finally recognized Jesus – then their eyes were opened.

Today we are all on our own road to Emmaus. Jesus walks and talks with us in many ways. Many times we do not see him. We are too much filled with our own negative perceptions. He can go past if we do not invite him in, and our eyes will remain closed, and our hearts slow to understand. But he walks with us precisely when our hopes are dashed, it is the moment when we discover the meaning of the Resurrection, it is the moment that our eyes are opened.

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