Sunday, April 20, 2008

Loving one another, lets get it right

I feel I should comment on this at this point. “Loving one another” should not preclude rebuking or correcting others, while standing up uncompromisingly for the objective truth. Indeed such love even demands such righteous correction. Try thinking terms of bringing up your own children, and the countless times you have to discipline and correct them out of love. Jesus himself rebuked even his own disciples often enough without mincing words. He even called Peter “Satan” once while rebuking him. I say this because I see that “loving one another” looks like constantly being misconstrued as passively tolerating error in others to avoid hurt feelings at the expense of proper evangelization. Such is a misplaced direction in the expression of true love for one another. Being witnesses for the Faith and upholding the truth at all times must be the paramount concern of Christians, as we guide others to the true path as motivated by love. While we go about this, we should certainly moderate it by charity, humility, and forgiveness. But we should never compromise the truth. Now every time we take each other to task for loving one another, we should not stretch it to ridiculous terms that are contrary to what Jesus himself taught.

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