Monday, April 14, 2008

Bishop fires back at Justice chief

My previous satirical post as a reaction to Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales' public remark
that a ranking Catholic church leader undergo a “tongue transplant.”, deserves an update. The
Catholic leader in question, most of us are aware, is outspoken Lingayen Archbishop Oscar Cruz, who is heavily critical of the Arroyo administration. I surmised in that post that the Justice Secretary "certainly poses a severe test for love of enemies, but I'm sure the ranking Church leader he attacks will respond charitably". Over at CBCP news online, we have an amusing rejoinder from Archbishop Cruz.

Archishop Cruz said: "That’s his (Gonzales) problem he is minding me. He must have enough
agenda to work on. Minding me is not good for his health,".

See? I told you the ranking church leader will respond charitably. If it were to me, I would have suggested that the (in)Justice Secretary undergo a brain transplant. But bishops measure their words carefully, and by that statement, Abp Cruz shows his concern for Sec. Gonzales' health. Love your enemies, right?

But wait, Archbishop Cruz has more to say. We are well aware of the impending rice shortage,
but the Archbishop notes a shortage of the more malevolent kind. According to the report:

Cruz claimed that the government is also short of “credibility and acceptability” brought by
several allegations of corruption. He said such “huge and disturbing shortages” further aggravated the country’s shortage in rice and other basic commodities that is bringing the nation down.

The prelate said there are also shortages in the resolve of doing away with drugs and
robbery, murders, extra-judicial killings and disappearances and other criminal offenses.

"The truth is that there are still other shortages in the Philippines such as those in truth
and justice, in peace and order, in the common good and public welfare. Finally, there are
likewise shortages in socio-economic comfort at the present and hope in the future," he

But Gonzales said Cruz’s statements should not be taken seriously.
“That’s Cruz’s style, he thinks he is the only smart guy here. We should not take all his
statements seriously,” he said.

It certainly is a LOL moment for me. Maybe Sec Gonzales should have added that he is the smartest guy and that we instead take all HIS statements seriously, then that would have been truly an excellent parody.

The Archbishop hits it right on the button. I score the amusing exchange 1-0 in favor of Archbishop Cruz. Good. I note somewhere from the passages that we should be meek as
lambs, yes - but wise as serpents. A hat tip to Abp Cruz.

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