Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Singapore underpopulation

While overpopulation seems to be a big issue here in the Philippines, in Singapore its the reverse.

It is reported that last year, Singapore’s fertility rate fell to a record low of 1.24 children per woman of childbearing age, one of the lowest in the world. It was the 28th year in a row Singapore had stayed below the rate of 2.5 children needed to maintain the population. But even a replacement-level rate would not be enough for today’s planners. The government recently announced that it was aiming to increase the population by more than 40 percent over the next half-century, to 6.5 million from the current 4.5 million.

According to the same source, the government has taken creative steps to boost population, like conducting romance and sexuality classes in schools, cash incentives for couples having two or more children, government funded matchmaking agencies, and even publishing newspaper printed tips for having sex. Mating rituals are routinely organized by the government - tea dances, wine tastings, cooking classes, cruises, screenings of romantic movies - but they have proven to be among the country’s least successful social engineering programs. The people are simply not interested. In Singapore, it is only thoughts of career, money and the workplace that permeates the general consciousness. The Singaporeans are simply not interested in having families with children.

But it is one of the wealthiest nations, reporting a per capita GDP of US$ 35,163 in 2007.

Singaporeans are earning a lot, but with no spouse, no children, no family - what do they intend to do with their money?


matthew archbold said...

They should speak with Rev. Buzz Thomas. He'd have this whole baby making theory taken care of, right?

WillyJ said...

Matthew, I think even the Singaporeans would be amused by Rev. Fuzz.

WillyJ said...

And thanks Matthew for dropping by.
More power to CMR