Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Taming the (in)Justice Secretary's Tongue

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales suggests that a ranking leader of the Catholic church critical of PGMA and her administration undergo a “tongue transplant.”

There he goes for the umpteenth time. THE Justice Secretary. Really.

This latest one among his numerous, numerous verbal affronts makes one all the more appreciate James 3:8 - that "no one can tame the tongue, it is a restless evil and full of poison". Perhaps he could try trading tongues with that Catholic Church leader and lets see what happens. However, the good Secretary must be surely aware that the tongue does not act on its own but is commanded by the brain, which certainly gives us a clue why the good Secretary's own tongue is so fast and furious. Either his brain does not function or his tongue moves faster than his brain. I will tend to be charitable and attribute the latter reason. Otherwise, I suggest the good Secretary himself undergo a brain transplant. He certainly poses a severe test for love of enemies, but I'm sure the ranking Church leader he attacks will respond charitably. That being said, the Christian in me says we should pray for him for his own good, and the good of the nation. That goes for all the rest of us, but mostly at this time for all high-placed public officials like him. Of course it probably wouldn't hurt if we hope that he occasionally chokes on his words.

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