Thursday, September 3, 2009

A written explanation for tardiness

A production floor employee sent in this written apology to his supervisor who demanded a written explanation for his tardiness (unedited, below). Reading the explanation, I found it hard not to sympathize with the person. I also found it hard suppressing a few laughs.

"I am verry sorry for my tardiness. it was a honest mistake on my part but not intentioned to done.

Due to the verry bad weather condition, day after the noted late "tardies" on August 5, 2009, it became hard for me to get a ride back home. And some part of my way home are verry traffic and same are high tide so that I got home late. Anyway, my calltime a day after noted late is 1200nn to 945pm. I got home around 1200mn but its not all reason why I got late, its because my alarm clock wasn't rang so that I got late to wakeup but still I move fast and get my things. Without taking a bat I still go to work thinking of my commitment to [our company] my first and last job...

Thank you very much for your kind consideration and understanding."

Thank you too for making my day.


petrufied said...

hehe!! XD

sunnyday said...

Reading the letter made my day too :-) [I'm wondering about the "high tide" though -- flooding siguro and no crossing of rivers/oceans involved whatsoever?]

The employee sounds sincere, though, and even gave a very detailed account! I hope all ended well :-)

WillyJ said...

The guy lives in Navotas, part of the Camanava region. Believe it or not, many parts of the area become submerged in knee-deep seawaters when the cyclical monthly high tide kicks in. You can only imagine when the heavy rains coincide with the high tide. I used to live in Obando, Bulacan, an area likewise affected, so I can commiserate with the poor fellow. Its ok, the guy got off with a minor verbal warning.