Saturday, September 5, 2009


Japan first lady’s quirky personality

Says she met Tom Cruise in previous life

TOKYO — Japan’s next prime minister might be nicknamed "the alien," but it’s his soon-to-be first lady who claims to have had a close encounter with another world.

Miyuki Hatoyama, a former actress and wife of Yukio Hatoyama—who will likely be sworn in as Japan’s prime minister on Sept. 16—promises to become one of Japan’s most colorful first ladies ever.

She says Tom Cruise was really a Japanese and they have met in a previous life. She claims her soul has traveled to Venus on a UFO.

[Oh yeah. I heard his previous name was Tomiyuki Cruisama.]

Palace tells Singson to behave

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) Malacañang advised Deputy National Security Adviser Luis "Chavit'' Singson on Friday to conduct himself well in the face of accusations he recently beat up his live-in partner.

"We advise Undersecretary Singson to behave accordingly as an upright citizen and to submit himself to due process of law,'' Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said at a news briefing.

[A high government official beats his common-law wife black and blue, and Malacañang advises him to "behave". It's like he was caught dipping his hands in the cookie jar. I wonder what Malacañang does if her pet government officials really, I mean really, "misbehave".
I suppose they will to be made to stand in the corner.]

Arroyo use prayer to deal with low ratings

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo turns to prayer if she feels down over her consistently low approval ratings.

"If it does, she has not shown it,'' Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said Friday when asked if the low approval and trust ratings bothered the President.

And thanks to her "strong faith'' and a prayerful life, Arroyo has managed to deal with this, and focus on her job, Remonde told reporters at a Malacañang news briefing.

"She finds strength and solace in her very strong faith as a person. As we all know, the President is a very prayerful person. She attends Mass and makes confession every day,'' he said.


Pacquiao aiming to conquer political ring

MANILA - Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao declared Friday he was determined to run for Congress next year despite a previous election defeat and a looming bout with three-time world champion Miguel Cotto.

Pacquiao, popularly known as "Pacman", told reporters he had enough time to train for his fight against Cotto in November and then campaign for a seat in the lower house, with national elections slated for May next year.

"It (my election campaign) will still push through. Nothing has changed," said Pacquiao, who has set up his own party, the People's Champ Movement.

[Then there was this previous interview on Pacquiao's political plans.]

REPORTER: Manny, pag ne-elect ka sa Congress, anong BILL ang ipo-propose mo?
MANNY: BILL? Anung BILL? Yung tomotonog tuwing tapos ng rawnd nang bukseng?

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sunnyday said...

"Ehem" is also my comment about the Pres. Arroyo news item. That, and that maybe the spokesperson was talking about a a different kind of confession in the statement he made :-)

Also, what a refreshing change to NOT find "Pres. Arroyo, a devout Catholic,..." anywhere in the article!