Thursday, September 24, 2009

Road sights and random thoughts

ften enough, I have told my children (specially this little tyke) just how lucky they are, so as to impress upon them how grateful they should be with what they have. I mean, just to have decent food, clothing and shelter. I know a lot of parents do this. So when we happen to pass by indigent people on the streets, I point them out and rub it in to my kids.

On the way to the office yesterday morning, I got stuck in traffic precisely beside this homeless persons. Oblivious to their surroundings, these folks catch a restful sleep amidst all the heavy noise and pollution. After a day-long effort, they just plop down their tired bodies wherever a bit of warmth can induce slumber. I

imagine though, that they sleep more restfully than most people I know who have cozy bedrooms...oops, the traffic is moving.

What a stressful day in the office, whew! On the way home I got stuck in traffic (again), precisely at a point where I see this remarkable enterpreneur on the street. His disability does not prevent him from trying to eke out a living. I am wondering if he might have endured less stress during the day than I did. Notice the strategic location, the nifty umbrella, the store and transportation all rolled into one. Notice also the obiquitous politician's banners on the posts. "SAVE MONEY", huh? Homeless people, the daily struggle for survival, and politican's banners. Hmm, there is a poignant statement somewhere here. Got to tell this to my kids when I get home. Oops, the traffic is moving. /


sunnyday said...

Very insightful. And somewhat saddening, but only because it reminds us of things we ought not to forget or get accustomed to.

Do your kids ever leave food on their plate after meals, and if they do, do you tell them something like "other people have nothing to eat and you waste the food you have?"? I wonder how other kids take this, but it didn't really work for me for much of my childhood -- maybe because I couldn't see the connection between myself and those "na walang makain" whom my Dad often mentioned. Thank God I didn't feel that way for a long time!

Maybe if I had been taken to meet those people who hardly had any food on a regular basis instead of merely being told about them, I would have learned faster.

Btw, your little son is so cute!!

WillyJ said...