Monday, September 28, 2009

The mother of all rains

On Sept 26 Saturday, super typhoon Ondoy dumped 341mm of rainfall in six hours. That is close to the 15.4-inch (39.2-centimeter) average for the entire month of September, more rains than hurricane Katrina ever brought to the United States in 2005. Luckily, our house is situated at an elevated area in Teachers Village, QC. The most we suffered were leaky roofs in a few areas. The rest of Metro Manila was not as fortunate. In fact it was horrible.

The morning after, I went to my sister in law's house in Congressional Village. It is a gated, upscale subdivision. Her newly constructed house was submerged chest-deep in flood waters, but now it has receded. We helped clean out the place. This is a picture of her back wall, the bottom part of which collapsed under the force of the rampaging floods. Her house was wet, dirty and slightly damaged, but it was intact together with her belongings. Others were not as fortunate.

This is what remains of one of our CFC member's modest house after the storm. Absolutely nothing was left. except some wooden frames and bits of roof. This scene is to be repeated countless times all over Metro Manila. /

Lord Jesus please help all the victims of typhoon Ondoy. Dear Lord we beseech thee. Extend your healing hands to those in pain. Shelter them from further harm. Clothe and feed them. Comfort them O Lord. Let them not lose hope. All in Jesus name.... AMEN.

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