Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who said Pacquiao lost that match?

Pacquiao, Lagman spar on RH bill

Pacquiao ‘trying hard’ to spar with Lagman on RH

Manny Pacquiao clueless on RH bill

When Congressman Manny Pacquiao took the floor last week to interpellate Congressman Lagman on the RH bill, many people tuned to it like a boxing match. From the newspaper accounts, it looks like the neophyte gentleman from Saranggani took a beating from the more seasoned gentleman from Albay. Various sectors belittled the performance of Cong. Pacquiao, however it was evident that most of the spectators were judging form over substance and failed to see the telling blows that landed. As in any boxing match however, a knockout punch wins the match. Manny went the full 10 rounds, and unfortunately most of his critics didn't stay to watch the fateful round. There, Manny unleashed a powerful combination. The bell rings.

One has got to see the blow-by-blow account of this later round, and thereupon decide whose face got badly bruised in the end.

REP. PACQUIAO. At, Mr. Speaker, gusto ko lang linawin na kasasabi mo lang na tinanggal na iyong penalty, e wala pa po tayo sa amendment period.

REP. LAGMAN. Kaya nga ho...

REP. PACQUIAO. Wala pa po tayo sa amendment e nasabi mo na na tinanggal na iyong penalty.

REP. LAGMAN. Kaya nga ho iyong mga authors mismo ay voluntarily nag-submit ng amendments sa Committee on Population and Family Relations. Pagdating po ng period of amendments, whether committee amendments or individual amendments, palagay ko committee amendments, meron pong undertaking ang komiti ba na itong mga provisions na ito, lima po lahat iyan, ay hindi na isasama sa panukala.

REP. PACQUIAO. Mr. Speaker, gusto ko pong malaman kung ito ba ay na-amend na although nag-submit iyong mga ibang Congressmen natin. Gusto kong malaman kung na—at anong rule po ang ginamit dito.

REP. LAGMAN. Iyan ho ay technically ho talagang tama ho kayo ay hindi pa amended iyan. Ngunit ho iyong...

REP. PACQUIAO. So, hindi pa po natanggal. So, ang salitang “natanggal”, wala na iyon?

REP. LAGMAN. Sa ngayon ho hindi pa natatanggal iyan sapagakat hindi pa tayo umaabot sa period of amendments. Pero pagdating niyan, akseptado na po ito ng Chairman ng Ccommittee on Population and Family Relations kaya itaga mo ho sa bato, pagdating ng committee amendments, iyan po ay mawawala.

REP. PACQUIAO. So, Mr. Speaker, inamin mo na hindi pa talaga natanggal iyong sinasabi mong dapat tanggalin, e iyon lang ang gusto kong malaman at hindi pa na-amend. So, maraming salamat, Mr. Speaker, at iyon lang ang aking mga katanungan.
Thank you.

REP. LAGMAN. Maraming salamat din, Honorable Pacquiao.

Post Mortem:

Boxing champ Pacquiao uncovers Lagman's misleading claims of amended provisions

Pacman KO's Lagman


petrufied said...

hahaha!!! I was fortunate to catch this on TV bec I hardly watch TV nowadays and something just went wrong with the Net that day. So I ended up watching this with our cook, and we were both going "TUMPAK!!" haha

WillyJ said...

Your cook is a lot smarter than many reporters I know. Lucky you. Must be a splendid cook too. Food thread !!!