Friday, May 20, 2011

Pacquiao KO's Lagman

Boxing champ Pacquiao uncovers Lagman's misleading claims of amended provisions

h/t I.A.F of FilipinosForLife

This amendment issue stinks. 1st) it is not in order as the rules stipulate that amendments are taken up only after the interpellations; 2nd) We are not aware of any waiver of rules to this effect; 3rd) If indeed there as a waiver or even granting it was not necessary, then the amended bill should have been properly distributed to all the congressmen and given due time for further study; 4th) if the amendments are unofficial, the pro-RH legislators have no business disseminating unofficial versions of the bill; 5th) it is totally insidious of these pro-RH legislators (starting with Lagman) to rebut arguments of interpellators on the basis of spurious amendments tainted by irregularities.

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