Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RH bill: 'Name-calling' repartee

Cardinal Rosales: "If you (parents) fail (in guiding your children properly in the formation of conscience), you will reap the kind of people that you have now in most of our institutions, including Congress"

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte: “Let’s not stoop to name-calling”

Iloilo Representative Janette Garin: "Hypocrisy in your institution is pulling you down..we object to the imposition brought about by stone-age beliefs not intended for the good of the many...”

Gabriela party-list Representative Luz Ilagan: "Think of the scandals or morality the church has been accused of. Let he who is not without sin cast the first stone."

Me: "Yes, pro-RH solons do not have well-formed consciences, at least those that still claim to be Catholics. I guess that makes me a name-calling, hypocritical, stone-age Pharisee."


Den Relojo said...

Since horny Filipino couples love making babies up to the extent that our number becomes uncontrollable we should implement invasive population control techniques such as a one-child policy, forced sterilization, and forced abortion. These are more humane options than just to let the population grow and wait until the whole ecosystem crash.

WillyJ said...

That kind of satire is too gory for my taste, but I guess it drives home the same twisted point from an "RH" justification perspective.