Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama cherry-picks Gandhi

Obama credits Gandhi with helping him to presidency

NEW DELHI—US President Barack Obama paid fulsome tribute Monday to Mahatma Gandhi and said studying the legacy of India's independence icon had helped propel him to the White House.

In an address to the Indian parliament as he wrapped up a three-day visit, Obama described the personal impact of Gandhi's teachings of non-violence and equality on his political career.

"Throughout my life, including my work as a young man on behalf of the urban poor, I have always found inspiration in the life of Gandhi and in his simple and profound lesson to be the change we seek in the world," he said...

Change, right. Too bad President Obama ignored the pro-life stand of Mahatma Gandhi.

"..It is an insult to the fair sex to put up her case in support of birth-control by artificial methods. As it is, man has sufficiently degraded her for his lust, and artificial methods, no matter how well meaning the advocates may be, will still further degrade her. I urge the advocates of artificial methods to consider the consequences. Any large use of the methods is likely to result in the dissolution of the marriage bond and in free love…Birth control to me is a dismal abyss..."

"No word seems to be more abused to-day than the word ‘Natural”… Indeed, if we were to put man in the same category as the brute, many things could be proved to come under the description ‘natural’. But if they belong to two different species, not everything that is natural to the brute is natural to man…Man does not live by bread alone, as the brute does. He uses his reason to worship God and to know Him, and regards the attainment of that knowledge as summum bonum of life. The brute, if he can be said to worship God, does so involuntarily. The desire to worship God is inconceivable in the brute, while man can voluntarily worship even Satan. It must, therefore, be, and is, man’s nature to know and find God. When he worships Satan, he acts contrary to his nature..."

"..The earth has not suffered from the weight of over-population through its age of countless millions. How can it be that the truth has suddenly dawned upon some people that it is in danger of perishing of shortage of food unless the birthrate is checked through the use of contraceptives?"


JI said...

On abortion Gandhi had the right attitude unlike Obama.

Gandhi was a pantheist who thought all religions offered a path to God. Although he was inspired by Christ, he never accepted Him as the one true God. Perhaps that is a view shared by Obama too. After all, Obama was born a Muslim and the Koran does not accept the divinity of Christ.

WillyJ said...

At least Gandhi effected real change.
Thanks for the comment.