Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Odds and Ends 6/15/10

Signs that the world is getting stranger by the minute...

New Passport Rules Ease Switch for Transgenders

The State Department is marking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month — a designation instituted by President Obama last year — with something much more lasting than a parade. On June 9, it published new guidelines for citizens wishing to change the gender listed on their passports, embracing policy that will make the switch much easier.

For decades, the State Department had required that transgender individuals, who identify with a gender other than their physical sex, have "sexual reassignment surgery" — a term that doesn't have a clear definition in the medical community — before they were permitted to change their passport listing. Now a note from their physician stating that they have undergone clinical treatment for a "gender transition" will net them a new passport valid for two years..transgender travelers have reported being harassed and embarrassed as they slog through airport security..

[I wonder which toilet is appropriate for transgenders, even with the note affirming their "gender transition". Could pose a dilemma for airport security. I also wonder whether the pilot would be required to change the script of his opening line to: "Ladies and gentlemen, lady transgenders, gentleman transgenders, bisexuals, trisexuals, and so on...this is your captain speaking...". Honestly, I don't have a clue if that would be politically correct.]
Skimpy clothing leaves barmaid exposed

A 29-year-old skimpy barmaid who is accused of showing too much flesh believes police could be doing "more important things out there" than catching underdressed skimpy barmaids.

Megan Brooks appeared in Fremantle Magistrates Court today to face a charge of being immodestly dressed on licensed premises at the Market City Tavern in Canning Vale in November last year, but today, the magistrate gave a strong indication that the case could be dropped.

Her lawyer Terry Dobson said he could not ascertain what the criminal conduct was, and needed more information on the statement of facts before Ms Brooks' next court appearance.

The court was told that the accused was wearing black lace French knickers with a buttock exposed, but Mr Dobson wanted to know which buttock was exposed as well as the extent of the exposure. It was also stated that Ms Brooks' nipples were erect, although Mr Dobson questioned whether that too was criminal conduct.

[Hmm, too bad the story didn't carry an incriminating photo so I could judge for myself. Her lawyer was quoted to have said: "I'd have to think that having two police officers sitting in a tavern checking out my client seems to be a complete waste of police resources.". Methinks the two police officers should be reassigned to the airport.]
The Strange Legal Trip of Polygamist Warren Jeffs

Five years ago, Warren Jeffs was charged with sex crimes resulting from the polygamous marriages he arranged for his followers in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). Jeffs then began a circular journey through the jailhouses and courtrooms of the west. This week, the self-styled prophet awoke to the promise of a change of scenery — but not a change of fortune. An Arizona judge dismissed the original charges against Jeffs, the very charges that had catapulted him into national headlines. But the dismissal has only cleared the way for Texas authorities to get their hands on him to face even more serious charges...

[Strange indeed.]



Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I read a similar article on CNN's website last week. It's as if they're legislating a new sex. Soon there'll probably be new categories in sports as well. You've got the PGA, the LPGA and the What-PGA? Men's tennis, women's tennis and Transtennis? The NBA, WNBA and ?NBA? Application forms will have under Sex M, F and T? Do you get the feeling that the human race is moving towards higher forms of absurdity?

- TE

WillyJ said...

We're not speculating anymore because the absurdity is already a reality. Take this actual example of the North American Gay Amateur Baseball World Series.
The rules limit each team to only two "heterosexual" players. The rest should be certified gays. There was actually a protest because some of the competitors were allegedly "not too gay". Turned out to be bisexuals. How discriminatory, eh?