Tuesday, June 8, 2010

100% of failure is caused by simply not showing up

House kills Freedom of Information bill

House fails to ratify Freedom of Information bill

List of congressmen absent during FOI approval session

No special session for Freedom of Information bill - Palace

Bishops urge next Congress to pass ‘freedom of info’ bill

"The nine-year-old bill was set for ratification during the House’s last session on Friday. However, Speaker Prospero Nograles adjourned the session after Camiguin Rep. Pedro Romualdo questioned the quorum and a roll call showed that only 128 out of the 268 lawmakers were on the floor. At least 135 solons are needed to constitute a quorum and enable the chamber to tackle official business."

Right, Woody. And the remaining 20%, is perhaps coming on time.

In every company, there is always a severe penalty for being inexplicably AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) most especially when there are important and urgent things to do. It beats me why congressmen are exempt from this common business rule, and why we even allow it to happen. The FOI bill has been in the making for nine years, and taxpayers have spent gazillions to pay for legislative time, resources and salaries of congressmen to make it happen. Now they tell us there is no result because of lack of quorum. Surely, all 140 of the honorable, absent Congressmen cannot be suffering from LBM all at the same time. Beats me why are they not being confronted for this shameless behavior, and why on earth are we taking this sitting down.

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