Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DepEd's SexEd fumbles...

DepEd stops sex education program

MANILA, June 22, 2010—The government on Tuesday put on hold the teaching of sex education in public schools amid strong opposition from the country’s influential Catholic Church.

Education Secretary Mona Valisno said the implementation of the controversial program is postponed until after consultations with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

“We decided to hold sex education module in abeyance until a final decision is made on the consulting process,” Valisno said...
Mighty strange the way DepEd blew hot and cold on this issue. They couldn't have been intimidated by the class suit filed by CBCP lawyer Jo Imbong in behalf of parents. The DepEd chief herself claimed the decision to suspend the implementation had nothing to do with the case filed against them.In fact, she already went ahead with the sex ed program without waiting for the consultations to transpire and then suddenly stopped it. So, what gives? Most likely, they ran into problems that they were not prepared to handle. To illustrate, a typical field account goes as follows:

(In a grade 6 classroom)

Teacher Pedro: Ok class, the lesson for today is about pregnancy.
Does anyone know what pregnancy means?...Juanita! stop talking there!
Now stand up and answer my question!

Juanita (stands up): er, what question sir?

Teacher Pedro: Hmmp. I asked what does pregnancy mean.

Juanita: Pregnancy means...when my mother expects a baby and her tummy grows bigger?

Teacher Pedro: Well, yes...but pregnancy can also happen to to any female, not just to married mothers. In fact it can also happen to you! When a male and a female engages in irresponsible sex, the female can get pregnant.

Juanita: But teacher, what does irresponsible sex mean?

Teacher Pedro: It means when you are too young and not yet ready to get pregnant, having sex is irresponsible.

Juanita: But teacher, does it mean absolutely not having sex until you are older and ready to be pregnant?

Teacher Pedro: much as possible. Now when you really, really, really cannot help it...there are ways where you can actually enjoy sex without getting pregnant. Yes, for example there is a preventive device called 'condom'. In fact I have an actual specimen of a condom here... (holds it up and shows it to the class) -- this is supposed to be worn by the males during sex to prevent the female partner from getting pregnant. It is 85% effective...

Juanita: My, what an interesting device! It looks like a party balloon! How is it used to prevent pregnancy? Teacher, please give us an actual demonstration.

Class: Yes! Yes!! Show and tell ! Demonstrate to us by wearing it please, sir Pedro. Sige na sir !!!

Teacher Pedro: Class...DISMISSED !!!


Anonymous said...

I hope she doesn't have the same staying power as Isner and Mahut at Wimbledon.
- TE

WillyJ said...

Isner and Mahut must have superhuman staying powers.

Meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that Valisno is to be replaced by DLSU's Bro. Armin Luistro as DepEd Chief. Game, set, and match.