Saturday, July 4, 2009

Make my day

Today, I was looking forward to cleaning and sprucing up our small garden, a much, much delayed task. It turned out I had to postpone the task (again) for I just received a text message from the phone company that they will connect (finally!) the combination phone-dsl line at the newly rented house of my boss at White Plains, QC. The phone company has been delayed 3 days on its promise, and I have been personally following-up that connection for the past few days, knowing that my expat boss would need the internet connection over the weekend. Oh well, the garden job can wait (again), as I decided I needed to be there when they connect the new line as somebody has to configure and test the wireless router.

To cut the long story short, the phone company crew goofed-up and was a no-show. To top it off, they tried to pass off a lie as an excuse that they already went to the house and that there was nobody there. My boss was there all the time since last night! I checked with the village guards and there was no phone crew that came in this day. The agent does not even reply to my text messages anymore. I wasted 4 long hours. I wonder how my boss feels. I think I know.

Fuming mad, I went to their home office to escalate the issue. There, the customer service personnel called the agent and put me on the line. She said something to the effect: "Sorry for the mix-up, but we will connect it tomorrow". TOMORROW?? The time was still around 3:30pm. My blood pressure started to rise as I told her in no uncertain terms that: NO, THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, the fault is all yours and you have to find a way to connect it TODAY, or else I will submit a formal letter-complaint to your Customer Service Department. Gosh!

Back at home, my blood pressure still simmered as I remained appalled at the behavior of the phone agent and crew. I guess I ought to send that formal letter-complaint no matter what happens. My day was ruined.

While pondering this thought, I suddenly remembered what I watched on EWTN late last night. Fr. Corapi was there on the tube discussing something about the importance of daily prayers. He said something to the effect that his daily routine consisted of saying Mass in the morning, then retiring to his room for private prayer and personal communion with the Lord. He finishes this daily routine at around 8:00am and at that point, his day is already made - no matter what transpires during the rest of the day, Fr Corapi's day is already made by 8:00am, and it is a good and blessed day. Everyday.

I watched that show late last night, but it only hit me late this afternoon.


sunnyday said...

I was watching Life on the Rock, too, that night! And I remember Fr. Corapi saying those words.

But I understand how you feel about the phone crew and agent. Grabe! I agree -- no matter how it turns out, send that letter because it is feedback that is sorely needed. Otherwise, that will continue happening to different customers. Good of you to insist that they should find a way!

Have a blessed Sunday. Hope there's no reason for your bp to go up again :-)

WillyJ said...

Grabe nga.. Anyway I did have a blessed Sunday. Mass, some shopping at the Lung Center weekend market with the wife and kid, lots of sleep...and tomorrow is another blessed day.

danielsmth15 said...

God! I wish that my exams will be over soon so that I cannot again continue my blogging, missing it very dearly. Pray for my vmware training

petrufied said...

Wow, they made up a lie pa? haha makes me wonder how dumb they think their customers are. XD Hope you're not seething anymore WillyJ! What an exercise on patience that must be.

I like what you wrote about what Fr. Corapi said. I will remember that :)