Monday, February 16, 2009

Have gun, will fire

House bill makes gun training mandatory

MANILA, Philippines—Too many gun accidents are caused by ignorance and negligence.

Thus a bill filed in the House of Representatives would make it mandatory for would-be gun owners to undergo training in their safe use, maintenance and storage before being issued a permit to own or carry a firearm.

The measure’s sponsor, Alliance for Rural Concerns party-list Rep. Narciso Santiago, noted that many fatal firearm accidents were caused by people who knew nothing or little about responsible gun ownership.

“The proliferation of handguns has caused untoward incidents involving irresponsible individuals who lack the knowledge and skills for their safe use, maintenance and storage,” Santiago said in a statement.
Untoward incidents, yeah. Well, the proliferation of handguns have also caused murder, homicide, robberies, rage shootings and and general murderous mayhem. I wonder what percentage of deaths or injuries are caused accidentally, anyway. I venture to say most deaths by guns are not accidental at all. Those who are responsible for many killings are those who are well-trained in the use of guns, but sorely lack training in the respect for life. Should we go for a gunless society? People also have the right to defend themselves, especially when people (mostly civilians) cannot be guaranteed with adequate protection by the law enforcement agencies. Adequate protection, hmm.. that should be worth looking into. More effective police protection, less need for guns in civilian hands. Speaking of law enforcers, the report goes on to say:

"Gun accidents, often with fatal results, are not uncommon in the Philippines, with many involving law enforcers."

I hope law enforcers are not the main target of gun-training. That says a lot about police training. What are they supposed to teach them anyway in police academies? Ballroom dancing?
Oh, well...train gun owners if we must, but train them first on respect for life.
Ahm...make that: fear of the Lord. Now that would be a bulls-eye.

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