Friday, June 27, 2008

DOWN WITH UNBORN BABIES WITH DOWN’S SYNDROME?'s-syndrome-offers-fresh-hope-for-screening.html#continue
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SCIENTISTS in Hong Kong claim to have developed a new risk-free test for Down's syndrome in unborn children which would save hundreds of pregnancies a year.

At present, the only way of diagnosing the condition in an unborn child involves inserting a needle into the womb and taking a sample of either the amniotic fluid around the foetus or the placenta. This is then analysed to see if there are any abnormalities in the foetal DNA.

However, the tests are extremely risky, causing miscarriage in around one in every 100 pregnancies, and leaving many couples and expectant mothers with an anguished dilemma over whether or not to take the test.

The new technique, in contrast, would require only a small sample of the mother's blood, which could be taken in a few seconds as part of a standard check-up...

If the new diagnostic procedure is introduced, it would increase the likelihood of Down's testing becoming routine, saving around 340 healthy unborn children who die every year because of the current diagnostic procedure ...

I’d say that soon, we will be having a world free of human beings with Down’s Syndrome.

Would the world then be a better place?

Not if we continue to have intelligent, normal, “healthy” people who oppress the weak, rob the poor, destroy the environment, enrich themselves at the expense of marginalizing others,…kill innocent human beings.

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