Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bardot fined $23,000 for anti-Islam remarks

Paris, Jun. 4, 2008 ( - A Paris court has fined Brigette Bardot €15,000 ($23,000) for instigating hatred for Muslims.
In December 2006, Info-Journal published a letter in which the one-time French film icon wrote of Muslims: "The entire population is destroying us, destroying our country, imposing its culture.” Judge Nicolas Bonnal said, “Her words clearly refer to the Muslim community and assume the character of a reaction.”.
$23,000. That’s a hefty sum for 12 words of indiscretion. She must be grateful she didn’t make an entire speech of it. Maybe Ms. Bardot should have explained that her diatribe was against the Catholic Church, then no Paris court would have minded a bit ?

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