Thursday, April 28, 2011

on the good effects and bad effects of contraceptive pills

"all medical products have good and side (bad) effects" - ex-DOH chief Cabral

(update: here's some more from the wacky guys at FilipinosForLife)


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Tsk Fruedian Slip si Madame Cabral.

Mahirap talaga itago ang katotohanan. Lalabas at lalabas talaga.

WillyJ said...

Ishmael, you rock. Thanks for the three rollicking cartoons.

sunnyday said...

Hehe, I was looking for the 2 cartoons to put on my blog. Nandito lang pala :-D

They're really funny hehe!

WillyJ said...

Sunnyday, I think they are in the photos section of our FB site as well. also check out the post which delves into the inconsistency

Mhoks said...

RH bill, the greatest issue now and had become the center of a contentious national debate here in our country.
the following are some effects if the said Bill will be submit, accept and be verify as law by the congress of our country;

1.) less poverty.
* less crime
* less garbages
* less Carbon Dioxide
* less squatters
* less traffic
* less human trafficking
* hindi gaanong mahaba ang pila ng pag-aaply ng trabaho.
* many parents may be able to support the schooling of their children.
2.) Less abortion
* Unwanted Children
* father and mother less children
3.)Pro- Mother Earth
* less garbages
* less Carbon Dioxide
* Less Illegal Loggers
* Less Dynamite Fisherman
* Less law violator
4.) economics friendly
* less corrupt

WillyJ said...

Wow! The RH bill promised to accomplish all that? Then the title of the bill is wrong. It should be retitled:

"HB 4244: An Act that will magically solve ALL the problems of the Philippines. Promise."

You serious? haha