Monday, April 25, 2011

The five-point position on responsible parenthood of PNoy

The five-point position on responsible parenthood of President Benigno S. Aquino III:
[and my comments]

1. I am against abortion.
[This is a thoroughly misused and abused statement. If he is against abortion, then all his statements must be unequivocally consistent with this position. One cannot say he is against abortion yet be in favor of promoting abortifacient contraceptives, under the guise of "choice". Mr President, state your CLEAR position against abortifacients, otherwise your claim does not have any credibility]

2. I am in favor of giving couples the right to choose how best to manage their families so that in the end, their welfare and that of their children are best served.
[Nobody is in a position to 'give' rights that we are entitled to in the first place, certainly not the president. Universal, unalienable rights are implicitly conferred upon mankind by its Creator, and that includes the right to manage our families. When the president says he is in favor of "giving the right to choose", he is in no position to give it, nor is he in a position to take it away. He does not have any right to give rights, for as president - he is just supposed to recognize them.]

3. The State must respect each individual’s right to follow his or her conscience and religious convictions on matters and issues pertaining to the unity of the family and the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death.
[God is the giver of the fundamental human right to religious liberty. God is the giver of life. When people say they are for abortion or contraception and at the same time recognize the sacredness of human life in ALL its stages, they must understand what it means and how to act accordingly.]

4. In a situation where couples, especially the poor and disadvantaged ones, are in no position to make an informed judgment, the State has the responsibility to so provide.
[The responsibility to provide and informed judgment must come with a realization that the truth in its bare glory must be made known. To peddle unthruths - such as contraceptives recognize the sacredness of human life in all its stages - is a total mockery of cultivating informed judgment.]

5. In the range of options and information provided to couples, natural family planning and modern methods shall be presented as equally available.
[What modern methods? Under the premise that "those modern methods" contain abortifacients, then his last point completely negates all the four points above, and likewise goes against the fundamental law of the land. All these statements are not only unconsitutional, worse, they are unCatholic as well.]

Let us pray for our president.


petrufied said...

i don't like it when they use "modern" to describe artificial contraceptives, because it makes natural family planning sound so "old fashioned," or worse "less effective." hindi naman totoo :(

WillyJ said...

Obvious ang bias no? as if there is no such thing as modern NFP that is superior to ANY modern artificial contraceptives

quote - natural family planning and modern methods - unquote

aeisiel said...

Here's a very appropriate verse we can say to Noynoy, "We will not obey the king’s words by turning aside from our religion to the right hand or to the left." 1Mac2:22,

WillyJ said...

Very good aeisiel, but PNoy probably wouldn't understand the verses. I think what he needs is kid's Catechism class muna. Also basic biology class.

aeisiel said...

Hahaha, you're probably right, Willy. Don't forget to include the Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible :)