Saturday, February 26, 2011

Remembering EDSA 1: Have we come a long way?

Or should I say: are we there yet? 25 years have gone by. Today the Philippine Inquirer has bannered its front page with the momentous replica of its Feb 25,1986 edition: Marcos Flees! A curious thing I noticed however is one tiny but interesting detail. The newspaper costs two pesos at the time, now it is at 18 pesos or an increase of 900 percent. Just where has the "spirit" of EDSA 1 gotten us? Maybe the power people has an idea.The SWS has been tracking self-rated poverty (SRP) levels for quite a time, and its data shows an SRP of 66% in May of 1986.

Now, The same organization says that the SRP annual averages during 2001-2009 ranged between 49 and 63. Hmm.

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