Sunday, September 12, 2010

Of Giving Thanks and Learnings: My DepEd NLTSGO 2010 Experience

(sharing a note posted by my son on FB)

Of Giving Thanks and Learnings: My DepEd NLTSGO 2010 Experience

by Gabriel C. Jose on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 12:03am

**This isn't my note yet for the whole team of DepEd 2010, core, facis, adult supervisors, etc. More time should be alotted for that.:p**

Last September 4-7, 2010, I was in Baguio with a group of 76 Atenean facilitators including my fellow core members, External Relations head, plus our org moderator, and two Ateneo Office of the Student Activities professionals. On September 6, three Strains alumni joined us and assisted us during the event. The whole group I was with was composed of special individuals and indeed. I can never thank them enough.

This project wouldn't be successful without them. We facilitated around 5000-5500 Supreme Student Government Officers about teamwork in this year's National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers. We ourselves got a first hand experience of the value of teamwork and we applied it during the project. We came to Baguio to inspire people. I'm sure we were able to inspire them but what's also noteworthy is that we ourselves were inspired by them.

This is the biggest project I've handled so far (5000-5500 student leaders all over the nation, taking care of 76 Atenean facilitators, a project with one of the most heavily-funded government organization- Deparment of Education) and I've never faced challenges as big as the ones I've encountered here. I've learned a lot thanks to the project and especially the people involved- Strains' External Relations Head, the core, Osa professionals, org moderator, team heads, day heads, facilitators.

September 4-7 was indeed a learning experience for me, but moreoever it was a time I realized that I have a lot of people to thank for who I am as a person right now. I know that it's still a long way from here, but thank you, for bringing me here. :)

And oh, yes, I consider the project a success. :) I love my country. :)


Welcoming message in behalf of Strains
"The Student Leader"
A Supreme Student Government Publication
2010 Special Edition

Department of Education Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs presents of Certificate of Appreciation To Ateneo Student Trainers, September 7, 2010.
L-R Executive Director (DepEd-CSCA) Joey G. Pel√°ez, Me (Strains Project Head for DepEd NLTSGO), Camille Encarnacion, (Strains Project-deputy head for DepEd NLTSGO), Camille Dayrit (Strains Secretariat head for DepEd NLTSGO)


Anonymous said...

I congratulate Biboy for a job well done, and more so, congratulations to you and Ces for bringing him up to what he is now. Don't want to get sentimental and cheesy, but can't help but be proud of him. He'll go a long way ,I'm sure! - nancy

WillyJ said...

nancy, that age I just sort of fooled around...buti hindi nagaya sakin :-)