Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Great place, Davao

Davao truly is a remarkable city, and Metro Manila pales way, way off in comparison, at least from my brief observation on a recent trip. So, I agree with this guy when he enumerates so many reasons why living in Davao is such an excellent choice.

It is fast becoming a destination of choice for local and some foreign tourists, although I felt the tourism industry here needs some serious boosting.

On the way back from the Philippine Eagle Conservatory center, we dropped by the Malagos Garden Resort.
A comparison with my experience in Jurong Bird Park in Singapore and the Warrook Cattle Farm in Australia immediately comes to mind, although in my opinion, Malagos Garden Resort combines the best features of both tourist spots. Simply put, nature is more generous with Malagos Garden Resort. There was a bird/animal show that we chanced upon, although it left much to be desired compared to the great shows in Jurong and Warrook. The birds and animals simply need more professional training and handling. The creatures simple ignored their handlers, even as the tricks are supposed to be simple. The goat for example, completely ignored its trainer and had other (romantic) things in mind, much to the consternation of its handler. I guess that was the most amusing part of the show. Oftentimes, the emcee had an embarrassingly tough job making adlibs. I suppose the show could easily be improved however, and besides the Malagos Garden Resort has a lot more things going for it. Next time I'm thinking of booking accommodations at the place (yes they have them) instead of at a regular hotel. It's about a 30-minute or so drive from the city proper.


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