Monday, August 30, 2010

The second shall be the last

Baclao No. 1 pick; Al-Hussaini No. 2

MANILA, Philippines
Air21 firmed up its roster for the next PBA wars with four prized rookies, headed by former Ateneo 1-2 punch in Rabeh Al-Hussaini and Noy Baclao in the 2010 PBA Rookie Draft at the Market! Market! in Taguig yesterday.

But the Express pulled off a shocker when they made the defense-minded Baclao as the top overall pick instead of the prolific Al-Hussaini, a former UAAP MVP and Finals MVP, who had been tipped as the No. 1 choice weeks leading to the draft.

Al-Hussaini was relegated to No. 2.

Embarrassed, the 6-7 Al-Hussaini was speechless when interviewed by media men then admitted he was slighted by the decision.

“I feel insulted, what can I say,” he said...

Really. What an unbelievably horrible reaction from an Atenean. And so I asked my son, a 3rd year Ateneo psychology major, if Ateneans typically spoke this way.
"No, it's just him", my son answered.

Baclao is Al-Hussaini's team mate in the Ateneo basketball squad. Assuming he earnestly entertained the thought of being the number 1 PBA draft, why on earth would he feel embarrassed and insulted by being relegated to number two in favor of his team mate? After all, the choice does not mean he is an inferior person and player than Baclao. What was he thinking? Did he not realize he insulted his teammate in the process, and made a silly fool out of himself to boot? Most certainly, he has not the slightest hint of a clue to yesterday's gospel about humility.

What a major, major, insensitive, tactless, arrogant, shameless, and stupidest response. My son and I discussed what Al-Hussaini should have said, and here is what we came up with, more or less:

"Frankly, I thought I would be the top overall pick. When Nonoy Baclao was chosen instead, I set aside my disappointment because I was only too happy for him. He is a great player and teammate, and he also deserves number 1. I look forward to playing alongside him for Air-21. I send my congratulations to Nonoy Baclao."

That would have endeared him to his fans, but mostly to Him who will raise him up to the top.

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