Thursday, May 13, 2010

Senators can do...

PPCRV-Comelec Tally (Senators)

Except for Marcos Jr. and Guingona III, the senatoriables landing on the top twelve are the same old, same old faces. Marcos and Guingona are not exactly new names either, as the surnames of their more well-known fathers must have worked wonders for their respective candidacies. There are a lot of comments going around
(most of them snarky) that four (ex) actors managed to place in the magic 12, with two of them even garnering the two highest slots. The HR practitioner in me tends to empathize with the concern. Matters of professional preparedness, capability, and evidence of past achievements appear to have been thrown out the window. If I were to draw up the job profile for a senator and try to match it with the voters actual choices, I would end up scratching my head.

The situation is not a bad thing by itself, considering that the citizenry get routinely burned by the extremely disappointing performance of your usual highly-educated, elite, smart-talking, glib barista of a legislator. I opine therefore that perceptions of professional integrity trumps all other criteria, although professional integrity should actually be a given for all candidates. The absence of significant legislative achievements in the last six years (and more) of parliamentary wranglings makes one wonder whether most of our legislators are really just playing actors themselves. I guess similar voter sentiments likewise prevailed in the presidential elections. This is not to say that our country is doomed with the prospect of lightweight leaders in the face of the country's heavyweight problems. After all, the most famous twelve leaders of all times were composed of lowly fishermen and tax collectors, and they faced much greater odds.

That said, it is good to expect that any change normally works out for the better. There is a time for disagreement and there is a time for unity. Regardless of whom we voted for, the moment has come to support the new leadership and take it to task. A determined leadership together with a more vigilant, enlightened, and engaged citizenry should be the People Power of the future. And lest we and our leaders forget, we should all pray towards that end and abide in God's grace. For without Him, all of us can do nothing.


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