Saturday, May 22, 2010

A low point to Tagaytay Highlands

I told myself that if I were ever elected President of the Philippines (God forbid), the first thing I would do is to solve the confounding mess on the road by first instilling order and discipline in drivers throughout the country. It is the day-to-day aggravations we see on the road that mirror the sad and sorry condition of society's inculturated disregard for propriety and the law. This one is somewhere in Sta Rosa Laguna going to Tagaytay. One of my pet peeves is witnessing drivers who blatantly go against the counter-flow lane in traffic, ignoring the double-yellow lines, and muscling their way to the front of the queue near the intersection. They manage to cross the intersection first without getting caught while many of us patiently stay and wait in line. Happens many times. Grrr.

Anyway, this morning I drove my wife to a brief company function at Tagaytay Highlands. I was happy to do so, even as I told myself I had to have just a glimpse of this enclave of the rich and famous. Wow. And there's free wi-fi even as I type this piece along amidst lush surroundings, sipping cold water, while waiting for the wifey. It's a cool bit and slice of serenity that I am savoring for the moment here. In a little while we will be driving back on the asphalt jungle.


sunnyday said...

Ay naku! There are times I want to try to do that -- go ahead and drive on the opposite lane and meet oncoming traffic, bahala na -- just to know how it feels to go against traffic as if I don't care about anybody but myself.

Sa totoo lang, nakakapalan ako ng todo-todo sa mga gumagawa niyan (unless of course it's an ambulance and it's a matter of life and death). They are among those whom I would like to send off to another planet.

I will vote for you if you run for president, Willy. Working on the traffic situation would mean dealing with the discipline that Filipinos are sorely lacking in. Pwede bang tanggalin mo ang mga U-turn at mga one-way na walang katuturan? In my opinion, resorting to that U-turn method is a cop-out; it simply gives in to the poorest tendencies of those Pinoys who go ahead and do what they want (ignore the red light, ignore no-left-turn / no-u-turn signs) instead of maintaining sensible expectations and implementing the law.

Well, naging rant ang comment ko, hehe. But I'm glad the drive to Tagaytay let you take in all that natural beauty.

Happy Pentecost Sunday! I think I saw 2 of your sons at the 7:15 Mass tonight, but I can't be absolutely sure.

WillyJ said...

The political slogan during Marcos' martial law days was "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan". It was a good idea. However, the political leaders and cronies themselves flaunted power with gross disrespect for the law and that is why the culture of impunity was ingrained and has flourished throughout the years. People are mighty aware of this, and that is why I believe president-elect Noynoy Aquino's derivative slogan "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap" resonates with the nation. Even though I did not vote for him, I am praying to high heavens that he succeeds where other all others before him has failed. Everyone needs to support him as well, and take him to task. He can't do it alone, but his shining example can be a beacon. The movement requires critical mass. This will require a nationwide effort where everyone to the last person will display vigilance and adherence, down to the last detail. Yes, this includes drivers on the road. Even if that is the only thing he can do in six years, then by all means we can consider ourselves mighty blessed, for it will unlock our potential as a nation. In spite of our history, I have a great expectations for what Filipinos can do.

Well, naging political statement naman ang response ko. I hope I don't find the urge to run in 2016 :-)

P.S. Happy Pentecost too. Yes, those were my two boys you saw in the 7:15 Claret mass. Maybe I'll ask one of them to run instead.