Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The wrath of Apollo

Aquino, Villar face pastor’s ‘divine wrath’

Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar, the top two presidential contenders, failed to attend the presidential forum. Mukhang in-indyan ba. A terribly disappointed Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, head of the sect "Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name", thus declaims:

"There is something that they say about commitment. An unknown man defined it as word of honor. When you fail to fulfill your commitment, you have no word and you have no honor."

Gosh. Since Quiboloy said that his choice of presidential candidate would be announced next month (after "the Father’s revelation", he claims) it is now highly unlikely that his choice will be any of these two leading candidates (now statistically tied for the top spot by the way) whom he already referred to as having "no word and... no honor.".

Villar later apologized but offered no specific excuse. Good ploy, he is keeping his opportunities open without openly offending Quiboloy. I know, he could have attended the forum if he really wanted to. After all, he was already in the area. Further, it could not have escaped his attention that his closest rival Noynoy wasn't attending as well, and the business acumen in him probably decided to call it "quits lang".

Meanwhile, Ang Kapatiran Party presidential candidate JC de los Reyes said he decided to boycott the forum because of his party’s strict adherence to "principled politics.", and visited Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla instead. When Bishop Capalla asked him if he would attend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ forum, de los Reyes said: "I know my Shepherd and His shepherds know me.". I think this is an allusion to John 10:27.

On the other hand, Aquino's excuse was a bout of barosinusitis, which apparently hampered him from traveling by aircraft. I wonder if Aquino would have insisted on attending had it occurred to him that Quiboloy just might be able to lay miraculous healing hands upon his barosinusitis, whatever that is. As the good Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz quipped: "How can you violate what the 'son of God' will say?". How indeed?, given that Quiboloy supposedly commands six million votes. Woe to anyone who displeases Quiboloy, lest they be branded "without word and honor", and lose 6M supporters as well. It pretty much sounds like being condemned to eternal fire. At least those six candidates (who attended) escaped 'divine wrath', so I guess his inspired choice would now be limited to those lambs, I mean, candidates. Maybe Quiboloy would eventually choose Jamby Madrigal. From the looks of the surveys, she needs nothing short of a miracle. Abangan.

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