Monday, March 8, 2010

Condoms: Supergood?

ANC Coverage - Atty Jo Imbong of AKP vs Sec Espie Cabral of DOH (h/t Tons)

Atty Jo Imbong (early in part 2) pointed out from various studies that condoms have a high failure rate in preventing AIDS, to which Sec Cabral responds :

"Yes, that is true that condoms is not a foolproof way...but...something that is successful at 85% is supergood as far as medicine is concerned."

Hmm. But a condom is NOT a medicine for AIDS by any stretch of the imagination. Also, AIDS is incurable and deadly, as far as I know. I wonder if it's worth it to indulge in risky behavior that entails a 15% chance of contracting a deadly disease. But 85% is supergood huh. More like superbad to me.


Suzanne said...

15%-- that's one in seven regular users will get AIDS even with PERFECT USE.

That puts it all in perspective.

WillyJ said...

Right Suzanne. Ridiculously, Cabral says: "...but to put that in proper perspective..."

petrufied said...

OH! let's solve prob of increasing HIV cases by encouraging more promiscuity yeh!

I really don't get the logic of these condom promoters :-/