Thursday, November 12, 2009

YEHEY! Missionary priest released by kidnappers

Sinnott jokes about Philippine kidnapping

MANILA, Philippines-Elderly Irish priest Michael Sinnott may have been forced to live in mosquito-infested swamps during his month as a captive of Filipino Muslim rebels, but he had plenty to laugh about.

Speaking in a mixed local Filipino dialect and a thick Irish brogue after being released on Thursday, the 79-year-old priest chuckled as he recalled this time in the rough jungles of southern Mindanao island.

In a nationally-televised press conference, Sinnott said he was raring to return to his parish in Pagadian city, where he has served for decades and runs a foundation helping disabled children from impoverished families.

"I've been there for years working, that's where my work is," Sinnott said when asked why he wanted to return to the troubled south, adding with a smile he was not concerned about being abducted again.
And after his friends had repeatedly expressed concerns over the past month that he may die in captivity, Sinnott was keen to show that being a hostage had done nothing to diminish his energy or passion for missionary life.

"I've had no sleep since Tuesday, we have been travelling and hiking and I feel a bit tired. But otherwise, there is not a thing wrong with me," he said.

"And I hope to be able to continue my work, for another few years at least, here in the Philippines."

Honestly, who would want to harm a 79 year-old priest who runs a remote foundation helping disabled children from impoverished families? And he has been at it for decades! In a primitive, rebel-infested, impoverished, rural setting! And he is raring to go back to continue his work, for another few years! And through it all, even with the harrowing kidnapping, the good priest remains jolly with undiminished "energy and passion for missionary life" !!

Honestly, there are millions like these missionaries around the world. There is zero publicity for them, as they prefer to work silently. Of course the liberal, church-bashing press don't notice them at all. Until the kidnapping, the media was clueless as to the existence of missionary priests like this. I know, I know. There's nothing here to criticize and sensationalize anyway.

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aeisiel said...

Fr. Sinnott still have to finish his mission and that is truly worth rejoicing.