Friday, October 30, 2009

UN committee to RP: Pass reproductive health bill !!!!!

UN committee to RP: Pass reproductive health bill !!!!!

MANILA, Philippines – Voicing “serious” concern over inadequate reproductive health services and information, low rate of contraceptive use and difficulties in access to artificial methods that contribute to teen pregnancies and high maternal death, a United Nations panel urged the government to pass the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. The UN panel likewise urged the Philippines to ignore the meddling of the Catholic Church in state affairs. The UN panel of course, can always meddle.

A report released this October containing the concluding observations on the Philippines of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended that the government should “adopt as a matter or urgency the Reproductive Health bill awaiting approval by Congress and ensure that the bill reflect the rights of children and adolescents as enshrined in the Convention [Convention on the Rights of the Child].”. The report added that "the right of the unborn from the moment of conception, as enshrined in the Philippine Constitution, does not need to be discussed.". This is because the UN Committee is still clueless whether a child grows out of a fertilized egg at conception.

“The UN Committee remains seriously concerned at the inadequate reproductive health services and information, the low rates of contraceptive use [36 percent of women relied on modern family planning methods in 2006] and the difficulties in obtaining access to artificial methods of contraception, which contribute to the high rates of teenage pregnancies and maternal deaths,”. The report also urged the government to strengthen formal and informal sex education for girls and boys with focus on the prevention of early pregnancies. The UN Committee cited the success story in Britain (read it here), where sex education is mandatory for kids starting at age five, while contraceptives are absolutely free and readily accessible, yet teenage pregnancies and abortions continue to increase. Oops...wrong example, the red-faced UN spokesperson quickly added. What the UN Committee further emphasizes is "strengthening of HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns". Take for example the success story in Thailand (read it here), which embarked on an aggressive promotion of free condoms, yet HIV cases rises by cumulative figures each year. Oops...wrong again...


sunnyday said...

Hahaha! That last part is funny :-)

I wonder why so few people seem to question the UN's criterion of success being based on contraceptive use. Ano 'yun? The more people (kids, teens and adults) use contraceptives, the more successful sex education and "reproductive health care" is??

And what do they do in the UK? Teach kids the matter of sex as early as 5 (when those things are naturally not on kids' minds), then if they do engage in sex a few years later, give them contraceptives so nobody gets pregnant. Some education that is.

And they have the gall to demand that this way of thinking and living and educating be enforced in our beloved Philippines?? Maybe they think most Filipinos are blind or unthinking and will accept such ideologies and foreign concepts just like that.

WillyJ said...

Exactly. An obvious paradox, very funny for its silliness were it not simply outrageous. Nakakainis!

Manny said...

Interesting how the UN Committee wants us to disregard our own Constitution so they can get their contraceptive/abortion agenda passed. They meddle in our religious and moral affairs, but criticize the Church as "meddling" when it takes a moral stand against the RH/Abortion Bill. How HYPOCRITICAL can they get!!??

WillyJ said...

Well, other religious groups other than the Catholic Church come out in the open to support the RH bill and they are not accused of meddling. So, it means you are only meddling if you oppose it. Crazy.