Monday, October 12, 2009

Now I lay me down to... zzzzz

A Catholic Answers Forum poster asks:

Is it a sin to fall asleep during prayer?

Here are some of the responses:

...It's also a pious tradition that if you fall asleep while saying the Rosary your Guardian Angel finishes it for you. I'd imagine they do so with other prayers as well.

So I doubt it's a real problem. On the other hand, it's preferable to remain conscious while you're praying, if you can. If you know that praying in bed = falling asleep, for example, sit up in a chair or kneel at your bedside instead.
No, not at all!! Jesus says himself: "Come to me you who are weary and heavy-laden and I shall give you rest." ;-)
Is there a better way to fall asleep than with a prayer on your lips?
Not saying it's a sin, but not ideal either, if your main prayer time every day ends up with you falling asleep.
If your child fell asleep in your arms while she was telling you about the joys an anxieties of her day would you take it as an affront? If the analogy holds that God is our heavenly father, then falling asleep while in prayer cannot be sinful. It sound like you keep busy and are tired at the end of day and find peace in prayer. Good for you.
St. Jerome said that we should read the Bible until our head nods and touches the pages... Also didn't a young man fall asleep and fall out of a window while St. Paul was preaching? They [also the apostles] fell asleep in the garden with Jesus right in front of them...
And here is my response:

"Is it a sin to fall asleep during prayer?"

Yes, but only if you're driving a car...otherwise, it might be a good thing too, as you can't commit sin while sleeping ;-)

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