Thursday, June 4, 2009

Online HH

CFC’s first online missionaries’ get together, a success

MANILA, June 2, 2009—Physical proximity is no longer an impediment for prayer meetings and spiritual get together as internet made the first online international missionaries’ household meeting of the Couples For Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc. (CFC) a success.

At least 24 CFC missionaries from the United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Seychelles, Kenya, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, St. Martin and the Philippines simultaneously went online to participate in a pioneering intercontinental sharing last May 28.

Through videoconferencing via Yahoo Messenger, the CFC missionaries met online for three hours and shared their stories of victory, challenge, and realization about being out of the country on mission...
A virtual meeting of geographically dispersed but spiritually united hearts, minds, and souls in cyberspace. What an uplifting moment. Certainly, whenever two or more are gathered in His name, even in cyberspace, there is Jesus in their midst, with the ultra-fastest bandwidth one can ever imagine.

Question: How do you make beso-beso in cyberspace?


sunnyday said...

How exciting!

Beso-beso online? I suppose the "beso smiley" will have to do for now :-)

romy said...

Wow! Really exciting bro! I know it can be of great help for us regular "onliners" too! Espcially those who travel a lot. I think we consider this a new innovation in the CFC but should not be made an excuse not to bond with others physically..

aeisiel said...

"Man's genius has, with God's help, produced marvellous technical inventions from creation, especially in our times. The Church, our mother, is particularly interested in those which directly touch man's spirit and which have opened up new avenues of easy communication of all kinds of news, of ideas and orientations." - quoted from Vatican II Council Degree: Inter Mirifica, Intro 1

Way to go, Willy... keep those online sharing burning!

WillyJ said...

I also found out that there is such a Church document: The Church and Internet, issued by the Pontifical Council For Social Communications. Way to go, right.