Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On cooperating with evil (2) - UPDATE

(update to previous post)

Caritas terminates agreement with Celticare

The following statement was issued June 26 by Caritas Christi, withdrawing its participation in Healthcare agreement:

New Agreement Allows Caritas To Serve the Poor As a Provider in the Connector Program

Braintree, MA - Based on the decision of the Caritas Christi Executive Committee of the Board of Governor’s to relinquish its membership and equity interest in the previously established joint venture, CeltiCare Health Plan Holdings, LLC (formerly known as Commonwealth Family Health Plan Holdings, LLC) but maintain its important role as a provider of health care to many enrolled in the state’s Connector Program, the Archdiocese of Boston today expressed support for the new arrangement.

Cardinal Se├ín P. O’Malley said, “I am pleased that Caritas Christi was able to achieve this outcome. Throughout this process, our singular goal has been to provide for the needs of the poor and underserved in a manner that is fully and completely in accord with Catholic moral teaching. By withdrawing from the joint venture and serving the poor as a provider in the Connector, upholding Catholic moral teaching at all times, they are able to carry forward the critical mission of Catholic health care.”...
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