Monday, March 23, 2009

Outrage at the truth

The lords of the mass media are spouting their outrage at the Pope--again.

This time the Pontiff's alleged offense is his failure to believe that condoms provide the world's best hope against the AIDS epidemic. Pope Benedict dared to voice a few simple truths (see Vatican press office communique here) --that chastity is foolproof, and that people can control their own sexual behavior--and the guardians of secular wisdom are rending their garments and howling their outrage.

The Pope is simply wrong about the facts, dozens of headlines proclaim.

The outrage more or less goes along the lines of: the Pope is ignorant about AIDS and, the Pope condemns millions to die of AIDS.
The truth really hurts (those who don't like it).
Expect more outrage to come...


Francis said...

Now, the world and the god of their loins is directly attacking the Vicar Of Christ. Simple logic it is, if he can't accept his teaching, why give a damn, di ba? After all, who cares if I'll do my thing, they say.

This is a clear manifestation that people really listens to the Holy Father

WillyJ said...

Yes indeed Francis. When the Pope speaks, everyone listens, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Though not everyone has the wisdom and humility to understand and heed.

Francis said...

Though some wierd people are Pharisaic, listening only to catch the Pope on his words, not understanding the context... Satan is really cunning, hehehe. Good evenign to you Willy.. I will include your blog in my Catholic blogroll. What do you think?

WillyJ said...

Go ahead Francis, i will include your site in my blogroll too. Regards.