Monday, March 30, 2009

Outrage at the Truth (2)

A PORTUGESE bishop has openly contradicted Pope Benedict XVI's controversial stance on condoms, saying people with AIDS are "morally obliged" to use them if they have sex.

A person with AIDS "who cannot avoid having sexual relations is morally obliged to avoid passing on the disease by using a condom", Monsignor Ilidio Leandro wrote in a message published on the website of the Viseu diocese in central Portugal today.

I guess there is a step-by-step logic into what Monsignor Leandro is saying:

1) The irresponsible person practices illicit sex (thats why he got AIDS in the first place).

2) The person contracts AIDS due to his wanton sexual behavior.

3) Now he is "morally obliged" to use condoms whenever he has sex. "He cannot avoid" sex, not because he will die as a result of avoiding sex, but because he has not been taught to cultivate the cardinal value of temperance. No, we have not heard Bishop Leandro say a word about temperance, nor chastity. And so, our morality-driven guy continues his promiscuous sexual behavior, but now he is "morally obliged" to use condoms in faithful obedience to Bishop Leandro.

4) In one of his many sexual encounters, his condom breaks in action.
It was bound to happen, as no one claims that condoms are 100% effective in preventing AIDS - although Bishop Leandro is silent about this.

5) Repeat steps 1 to 4, over and over.


Manny said...

As always,the condom pushers never even consider the possibility that perhaps some persons should not be having sex (even for good medical reasons). Instead, they want others to take unreasonable, deadly risks just so the sex can continue. Abstinence, to them, is just unthinkable.

There is something really sick in the condom pushers' logic.

John-D Borra said...

Agreed. A vicious cycle, no?

Good read, Willy!