Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There's probably no bus

Godless message posted on British buses
Agence France-Presse
First Posted 10:53:00 01/07/2009

LONDON -- About 800 buses bearing the slogan "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" set off on Britain's roads Tuesday in an atheist campaign responding to a set of Christian ads.

The campaign, which will also see slogans plastered across London's subway system, was paid for by more than £140,000 ($200,000, €150,000) in public donations, the British Humanist Association said...

So, there's probably no God eh? I wonder why these humanists pulled the stops by inserting the tentative word probably. They are probably unsure? Now, why would they assume that those who believe otherwise are worrying and not enjoying life? The Christians that I know are the most joyous people that I've met. Oh, but they do worry too like any other people. Sometimes, they worry there's probably no bus coming. Strange way to preach, one might say. And what noble humanist goal drives them to do so? Now why don't one of them humanist preachers climb some of those buses and preach :"When they said repent, repent, I wonder what they meant!". I guess these bus ads go as a prime example in the forthcoming book: "How to waste money on totally silly and absolutely useless ads", by the British Humanist Association.


posh post said...

hehe well, i think it is satan's futile attempt to convince people that there is no God. sadly, a lot of people are taking the bait.

sigh...someone commented in my blog, what a pity. and yeah, if we really come to think of it, i pity them. but i also marvel at God's grace. He doesn't strike them down with lightning and the sun shines on them and the rain falls on them much like the rest of us.

good day! :-)

Thesabel Tuto said...

This Question Has Been Answered Several YEARS AGO By GREAT PHILOSOPHERS... Stupid People Doesn't Read History Nor Philosophy!!!

Thomas Aquinas's 5 Proofs of God's Existence!!!

All I Can Say, They Are Uneducated People!!!!

sunnyday said...

Oh, so there are bus ads like that in the UK as well. I thought this looked strangely familiar, then realized the blog entry on similar bus ads I saw last month referred to buses in the US. But you HAVE to see the counter-ads those things led to. Ang galing. It's here:

Anonymous said...

And it's not just Christianity at stake. It's all other religions as well.

To those well-grounded in their faith these ads have no effect. But those who harbor doubts are susceptible. And what do people intuitively do when they aren't sure, i.e. when we have doubts? We contemplate the situation and then opt for what we think is most likely the best outcome. We opt for what we think wins. In short, we bet. Betting requires you do not know the outcome beforehand. This is what we do - we bet. All the time.

When we choose a certain route to drive to the office because we think traffic would be lighter there, we have chosen what we think is the winning option. Even when you order from a menu in a restaurant you chose what fulfills your wants and when your wants are satisfied you win. You're still betting. The food could be bad or it doesn't taste as well as you thought. So it was still a bet. Why? Because you did not know the outcome before making your decision.

Choosing a movie to watch, opting for a specific hairstyle, choosing gifts for Christmas and even going for that job interview. So is writing that report for your boss. We're basically betting. Of course we try to stack the odds as much as we can. But we're still betting.

So if you have doubts about God's existence, you can bet. I'm betting that that's why they put the word "probably" in that ad. Those atheists are betting that not believing in God is the winning option. Here's an idea - Google Pascal's Wager.

- TE

WillyJ said...

Thanks folks.

On a related note, check out this guy who converted from a raving atheist to a Raving Theist.
His first blog post upon his conversion is entitled Christ is the Lord. Now here is someone who would follow the truth wherever it led. His blog title now reads: Dedicated to Jesus Christ, Now and Forever. He was a famous atheist blogger for many years (The Raving Atheist), though it is said that he was a pro-life atheist. Soon he was reforming his opinions of Christians because of the ones he met in the pro-life movement. See what powerful witnessing can do. Conversions take a lot more than trumpeted silly ads, though ultimately conversion would be inspired by grace. It is not clear yet if he converted to Catholicism, though we all know that part of the Apostles Creed that forms his first post: "I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints,.."

Here's for contemplating the situation for all doubters out there. G. K. Chesterton once said something to the effect that if everybody would just sit down, be quiet and think, the whole world would become Catholic.

Manny said...

"Probably." That word pretty much sums up the uncertainty of the atheist position. And no wonder. Once cannot prove that there is no God. At best, one can lead himself to doubt, and then be left to wander where the wind blows.

If only people would really just think -- and follow wherever the truth leads. We would be rid of this busload of silliness.

God bless!

aeisiel said...

Pahabol lang... Obviously people who do these kinds of stuff don’t have an inkling of who God is and what is His plan for us. They have created a fictitious god that they try to reject.
A devout Catholic can easily see that the message of the ad contradicts itself because a true disciple doesn’t worry at all as having faith simply means putting one’s trust-in-God.