Monday, January 26, 2009

ODDS AND ENDS(2) – Jan’09

Arroyo wants 'fiercer' war vs drug lords

"Let us wage a fiercer war against them [big drug lords]...Let’s make sure by building up a good case that they will go all the way to conviction," she said.

Sure. We are already fierce so let's be "fiercer". Now if we can only go after those in authority who cuddle the drug lords, I guess that would be fiercest? PDEA chief says: Politicians part of drugs trade


Obama signs order reversing abortion-funds policy

President Barack Obama yesterday quietly ended the Bush administration's ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option. 

Uh-oh. More abortions. Change we need?


Nat’l policy drafted to fight obesity

Walk up the stairs instead of hopping onto elevators. Don’t ride pedicabs and tricycles when traveling short distances. These are among the recommendations of a national policy on physical activity being drafted by a team of experts from the University of the Philippines (UP) to promote a more active lifestyle among Filipinos and combat the increasing obesity in the country.

Just the kind of urgent national policy we need when a recent survey states the Philippines ranks No. 5 in the world when it comes to citizens who have had “little or no food at all”. 




petrufied said...

didn't obama say his goal was less abortions? sunnyday told me. Weird how he does it--by making it possible to increase them. D:

WillyJ said...

yes, that is true. Hillary Clinton said the same thing. I think it has something to do with their position that life has not been established at conception. Obama when asked by Pastor Rick Warren on the issue of 'when does life begin', answered: "To answer that question with above my pay grade".

Manny said...

Obama's "above my pay grade" answer was an obvious case of two-faced fence-sitting. He knew that a significant part of his voter base was made of pro-lifers and he was trying to keep from offending them. Of course, the main tactic was to keep on harping on "change" and "hope" while downplaying his radical pro-abortion voting record. The deception worked. America now has the most radically pro-abortion President in history. Millions of unborn children will pay with their lives for that ghastly mistake.

In the meantime, we have to worry about abortion being sneaked in through the back door via Lagman's so-called "reproductive health" bill (HB 5043). Here's some news on that issue:

Lagman’s RH Group is deceitful
Press Statement of Congressman Roilo Golez

WillyJ said...

Lagman insists on the use of Jurassic NSO data because they portray higher maternal and infant death rates when newer data are now available showing improved rates which do not please him. Why does he want to misinform and deceive the Filipino people with his wrong data?

What ?!??! By hook or by crook!!! The entire bill is deceptive itself yet they still want to prop it up by more deceptive data. Talaga naman. Thanks Manny for the link, though my BP shot up a few notches.

sunnyday said...

Nako, lalong tataas siguro ang BP mo, Willy, kung mabasa mo ang "news report" ng Phil. Information Agency, with info fed by PLCPD, tungkol sa nangyari sa session nung Tuesday. It's Golez daw doing the deceiving. I was informed the "report" was published by Inquirer.

WillyJ said...

I just saw the inquirer report. It's here Solons trade barbs on RH bill

Partly, the report says:

Lagman argued that Golez only wanted to "demonize the RH bill" by presenting misleading, deceptive, unreliable, underreported and unofficial data."

"He ‘cherry-picks’ his statistics from the Department of Reproductive Health and Research of the WHO on contraceptive prevalence rates of different countries in relation to their respective population growth rates without disclosing the vast variances in base years of the two indicators, so much so that no sound and logical statistical conclusion can be established," Lagman said.

The Albay lawmaker also criticized Golez for passing off "unofficial information" from the "Alternative MDG Midterm Report" of Social Watch Philippines as official data from the Department of Health (DOH) and the National Statistics Office (NSO), which these two government agencies have debunked as not officially published by them.

Even with Lagman's histrionics, he cannot deny that his data is 5 years old. And then he harps about "sound and logical statistical conclusion"..when he cannot even say what has been happening in the last 5 years...

Wait, let me take my Calcibloc first.

sunnyday said...

I think you should be ready with ample supply of Calcibloc 'cause I just forwarded to you an email about another proposed bill...

As I told petrufied a while ago, I find it hard to believe that some of our countrymen in government seem like they are selling us and our future, when their job is to serve us and protect us and our country's interests.