Monday, December 15, 2008

Priest held up (again)

Priest held up on his way to Mass at Quiapo Church

MANILA, December 15, 2008—A Catholic priest became a victim of a holdupper on his way to officiate Holy Mass in Quiapo Church. Fr. Genaro O. Diwa, director for Liturgical Affairs of the Manila Archdiocese, was on his way to celebrate Holy Mass at Minor Basilica of the Black Nazerene in Quiapo, Manila, when he was held-up and carted away his cell phone. The priest told to the holdupper that he is a priest. The robber replied, “So what? I want your cell phone.” Diwa handed over his cell phone without further argument for fear of untoward incident. The incident happened recently around the vicinity of Quiapo Church. According to the priest, he has lost several cell phones in the past to robbers. The latest was his sixth.
My footnotes:

- Is it right for the priest to just surrender his cellphone to the robber? Shouldn't he have resisted gallantly?

If one is under duress or under threat of personal danger, forced material involvement in an evil act is excused. Material involvement in an evil act must be wilfull for it to be considered as a sin.

- Was it right for the holdupper to rob a priest?

No, and it is not right to rob anyone for that matter, priest or otherwise.

- What should the holdupper do to gain forgiveness for his sin of stealing?

He cannot make amends by contributing 10% of the cellphone proceeds to the church.
He should return the cellphone, ask forgiveness from the priest, take a confession, and mend his ways.

- What should the priest do?

Pray for the robber, as all of us should. And next time, avoid isolated passageways while walking to the church. It's a pity that this is already his 6th cellphone that was stolen. Consider acquiring a cheap, old, outdated, basic functional cellphone that no one will even consider stealing. A solid, used Nokia 5110 will do just fine.

- What I'd like to see?

The next time the priest is accosted by a holdupper who says “So what? I want your cell phone.”
The priest should say "Son, you can try and get it." and strike a pose like this

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