Wednesday, March 5, 2008

EO 464 Revoked

EO 464 is finally revoked by PGMA.

As I noted in a previous post, the strong recommendation pertaining to the abolition of EO 464 was the most significant item in the CBCP’s Pastoral letter, and now we see the President taking heed just eight days after the Pastoral letter was released. This development comes at a time when the Supreme Court and the Senate are to the point of ironing out a compromise arrangement as to the parameters of invoking Executive Privilege at the Senate hearings.


- NSCB reports more Filipino families getting poorer
- Five people hurt in violent MMDA demolition, 50 stalls razed
- RP Stocks fall on high inflation, Wall st
- Philippines largest lake under threat

Altogether, things should get more interesting at the Senate hearings.
This one should be eagerly followed - again.


But who’s been minding the store?

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