Monday, February 4, 2008

Long lost schoolmate

I chanced upon an old high school batchmate last weekend near the parish. I haven't seen him in a long, long while - 30 years to be exact. In the private Catholic school we attended, he was a classmate in the our graduating class.

I called out his name, shook his hand. He was able to recognize me but he couldn't place my name. Its ok, after all, it was high school days since we last saw each other. It so happened his residence was just a few blocks away.

So we had this small talk. He inquired about me and I told him my wife and I are in active service in the parish as Family and Life Ministry coordinators. I have 4 kids now. He also inquired about my job, I told him I am still working fulltime as MIS manager in a manufacturing company. That's my wife over there, she's also working as IT director in a hospital. We are also active in Couples For Christ as Unit leaders.

My turn to ask him: "Ikaw pare kumusta ka na, saan ka ngayon?" (How about you, how are you, what are you doing these days?). I could sense though, that he appears to be troubled. He said he had 3 kids, but that he was out of work. He used to have one long ago, he continued: "Napaglipasan na ako ng panahon, 48 na ako, nalulon kasi ako sa mga kalokohan e..". Roughly translated: "Time has passed by me, I am already 48 years old, no job, nowhere to go, I guess I spent too much time on worldly things..".

I am surprised and at the same time saddened by his account. I thought he was one of those bright, up-and-coming guys back then in high school. So I simply told him: "E di lumapit ka sa Diyos.." (Then its about time you get closer to God"). I hinted that our Couples For Christ community is about to conduct a "Christian Life Program" seminar soon.

He was nonchalant though, and even commented "Wala akong hilig dyan e.." (I have no interest..). So I just took his address, and promised I will drop by his house one of these days, just to catch up and reminisce on the old school days - "sige, kwentuhan na lang tayo next time". I guess I have to prepare for that visit.

In the meantime, I hope he remembers the parable of the prodigal son from our religion class back then.

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