Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bride sues runaway groom

And I thought this thing happened only in Filipino movies.
According to the Philippine Star report:

As soon as the priest reached the point for the exchange of marital vows and asked the couple to exchange their “I do’s,” the groom, who was supposed to answer first, was not able to do so after a woman appeared in the aisle and shouted for the wedding to stop.

“Upon hearing the voice of the lady at the back, defendant was not able to answer ‘I do’ and without any hesitation or saying anything, he (the groom) turned his back and walked very fast towards the lady. They then hugged each other and went outside the church together,” the bride stated in her complaint.

The priest used a microphone at full volume to repeatedly call for the groom to come back but the groom immediately left the church with the other woman on board a taxicab.

The report goes on:

Twenty minutes after, the jilted bride proceeded to the prepared wedding banquet at the Royal Concourse with their visitors and the supposed wedding sponsors.

Too bad. I guess the couple spent too much time preparing for the wedding banquet, rather than preparing for the marriage itself. At least the wedding banquet pushed through.

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