Friday, February 26, 2016

Math teacher makes addition mistake. Hilarity ensues

Here is a funny (?) story my Grade-5 son related to me the other day.

So they had this live math contest in their classroom presided over by the math teacher. The teacher was adding up the points on the board and was adding 10 and 4, and inadvertently (or so) she wrote 17 as the result. Huh?

10+4 = 17 ?!?

As the pupils were glued to the results being written on the board - by their math teacher no less - they were instantly astounded although their astonishment was quickly transformed into hilarity as many of them laughed out loud in reaction (LoL!). My son glanced at his classmates and saw that some of them were even rolling on the floor laughing (RoFL!)

The math teacher, a trifle embarrassed, quickly erased her booboo, stomped her foot on the floor and threw her chalk backwards. The red-faced teacher then faced the class, grabbed her desk, lifted it a few inches and slammed it hard on the floor.

Silence follows and then the booming voice of the teacher:


The teacher then commanded everyone to take out one full sheet of paper and fill it up writing something over and over again, back to back. I suppose what they were required to write repeatedly was: "I will always behave in class.". I think they call this a "JUG"  - a typical punishment for misbehavior.

Perhaps the teacher paused and reflected a bit, and then asked some pupils to stop writing. These few students are normally the composed ones and were behaved throughout the incident. My son was among these boys, and it is with a lot of pride (and some amusement) that he was relating this story to me. "You did right son!" I proudly exclaimed, even as I was unable to control a few laughs myself.

Ahh, grade 5 boys. Strange though that I myself at this age couldn't help laughing at the incident. Could have rolled on the floor too, hahaha.

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