Monday, December 19, 2011

Hitler Nabuang sa Hindi Pagpasa ng RH Bill Ngayong Taon

RH Bill won't be passed this year: Hitler goes into a tantrum. LoL.

Fact References:

1. 350 pesos per hakot -- see Inquirer article: -- The group scheduled the "peak" of its pro-RH rally for September and set aside P1,750,000 to organize a rally of "at least 5,000 people." Each participant was supposed to receive P350.
2. More Pro-life People than Anti-Life --

3. RH Bill can be defeated at Senate:

4. Million of dollars of funding --

5. Pro-RH Groups back abortion --

6. Cabral admitted that pills cause breast cancer -

7. TV Debates won by Pro-life:

8. Pro RH stats are wrong (maternal death, abortion) - /

9. Non-existent lobby groups (not registered or revoked) getting massive funding --

10. Pro-Life Victory of 2011 -

11. Population Control connection with Hitler- /

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