Thursday, December 2, 2010

Odds and Ends 12/2/10

Holyfield to fight Denmark's Nielsen in March

COPENHAGEN (AP) — Former world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has been lined up to fight Denmark's Brian Nielsen in Denmark on March 5, promoters said Wednesday.
The bout will feature fighters with a combined age of 93 — Holyfield is 48, Nielsen 45.

The winner of the bout will get to challenge former heavyweight champ Smokin Joe Frazier, now 64 years old.
CBCP exec questions results of survey on RH bill

...“Our impression is that they are trying to influence the legislators. They have to discuss the merits of bill and not the number [of its supporters],” Fr Melvin Castro said.

They are trying to influence the legislators, though perhaps only the unthinking or conscienceless ones. But how many legislators can be influenced by surveys rather than sound reasoning? Need a survey.
P-Noy risks impeachment if RH bill is enacted into law

MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino could expose himself to a torrent of impeachment complaints if he enacts into law pending Reproductive Health (RH) bills in the House of Representatives without removing provisions that promote abortions, a lawmaker warned today.

Bacolod City Rep. Anthony Golez aired the warning at the resumption of the hearings on the controversial RH Bill in the House committee on population and family relations that stalled on the issue of agreeing on when life begins.

“Before we can even decide at all (on whether to pass or not the RH Bill), we have to decide whether or not this state, as enshrined in the Constitution, would protect the life of mother and unborn from moment of fertilization or conception? I think Mr. Chair, we should discuss that first,” Golez, a medical doctor, said.

Good point, as the President has sworn to uphold the Constitution. Legislators likewise. The RH proponents must first answer the question squarely: Does the bill unequivocally protect the unborn (as the Constitution asserts) from the moment of conception? Yes or No? Why is the pro-RH crowd fidgety with answering this question first?

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