Thursday, July 1, 2010

Odds and Ends 7/1/10

Federer adds injury to insult Berdych

Roger Federer is as great a champion as tennis and indeed modern-day sport has ever seen -- his achievements will still litter the record books in 100 years' time -- but yesterday at Wimbledon he suddenly 'cracked', just as other great multiple winners have cracked. More often than not it happens in the blink of an eye in front of an unsuspecting and disbelieving throng unprepared for such an outcome.

Federer was also unprepared, if his untypical testy press conference is any guide, when he unveiled a hitherto unsuspected back problem and occasional pain in his right leg. Switzerland's finest is normally a fairly gracious loser, not that he's had much practice to be honest, but Tomas Berdych deserved a tad more credit than he got from the departing champion.

"It is disappointing to go out in the quarter-finals but he played solid and I could have gone out in the first round as well," said Federer afterwards. "It's been tough for me accepting I didn't play the way I thought I could. Last week my leg started hurting. I had a good rest over the weekend and felt good playing on Monday but then in the second week my back started hurting. Today I couldn't play the way I wanted."

Well, the awesome, super-duper Federer is human after all. A gracious loser, he ain't.

Charice sings perfect anthem

MANILA, Philippines - For once, there was no controversy regarding the singing of the national anthem.

The National Historical Institute (NHI) gave international singing sensation Charice Pempengco a “perfect” score for her rendition of “Lupang Hinirang” at the inauguration of President Aquino at the Quirino Grandstand yesterday.

And finally, the National Anthem was sung live without any controversial aftermath.

I am aware that we have a law to the effect that the anthem must be sung to the prescribed tune and cadence, but it seems strange. What if you get just one note or timing off? Could that land you into jail?

The US national anthem has been sung to so many creatively soulful renditions, and we have yet to see if any of those caused any deleterious effects on patriotism or the sacred patrimony of the nation. I think the best thing to do under the circumstances is just to playback a pre-recorded, 100% faithful soundtrack of the National Anthem, just to be safe.

Btw, it seems while Charice Pempengco got an "A" for the song, she got an "F" for the gown.

Aquino told: Reconciliation, don’t pick on scabs

MANILA, Philippines—As praises were heaped on President Benigno Aquino III for his inaugural address, a senior lawmaker criticized the newly-inaugurated leader for continuously “picking on the scabs” instead of working towards reconciliation.

Albay Representative Edcel Lagman said the speech was full of motherhood statements and did not mention the needed specific actions.

“President Benigno Aquino III delivered a campaign speech, not an inaugural address,” Lagman said over the phone.

“He forgot that he had already won. He should heal the wounds of the recent electoral contest, instead of deliberately picking at the scabs,” he added.

Aw, shut up.

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