Monday, April 12, 2010

Arrest the Pope!

The story originated from a call from British atheists Dawkins and Hitchens, as well as from a similar call in an article by a UN lawyer. Curiously, they called for an international trial based upon unfounded charges.

British atheists call for pope's arrest

UN Judge Says Pope Should be Prosecuted at International Criminal Court

I guess silliness knows no bounds in the current trend to smear the Pope with imagined charges. The fictional 'reporting' of New York Times and Associated Press is oh so typical. Dawkins and Hitchens, who pride themselves in idolizing empirical science, apparently are ready to abandon their facts-based 'ideology' when it comes to saying things about the Pope.

More on the Murphy Case

Journalists abandon standards to attack the Pope



sunnyday said...

I think it was in 1999 or a year or two after that the most recent wave of attacks against the Church and its clergy happened in the media, before the one we're seeing now. And most likely this will be a regular thing. However, the bias being demonstrated now is more obvious. Are the media outfits and individual editors/columnists so engrossed in the attack that they neglected to disguise their bias? Or at least to tone it down?

I appreciate the links you're providing. All this has a sobering effect on me. I hope the Holy Father doesn't read and watch the news too much.

WillyJ said...

I guess the more the Pope remains unflinching for the Truth, the more engrossed the liberals will be in the attack.

Anonymous said...

someone just sued the Pope...
Illinois man accuses Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI of covering up abuse

- TE