Saturday, February 13, 2010


Abaruray. The dance is believed to have been derived from "Aba! Ruray?!", probably an exclamation to a dancer who was very skillful with balancing the glass on her head despite very difficult dance steps. Though obvious that the name was derived from a sort of a 'spectacular' or daring dance piece, there are however, equally beautiful versions of the Abaruray less the wine-glass balancing act. The most popular among which is the Abaruray de Catanauan from Catanauan, Quezon Province. The version is popular among Southern Tagalog festivities like baptisms, town or barrio fiestas and similar festive occasions. (source)

Couples For Christ NB5C presented the Abaruray dance in yesterday's program for the Fiesta 2010 Holy Family Parish Organizations Night.

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